Can I Invest $100 in Bitcoin?

There are lots of cryptocurrencies out there, and like lots of other people, you might also be looking to invest in the crypto market to make some profit. The key benefit of investing in cryptocurrency is that there is no minimum limit of how much you can invest in this market. For example, you can start with as low as $100 when buying Bitcoin with Trade Wise, and you will still benefit a lot from the market.

Investing $100 in Bitcoin

The price of bitcoin has gone very high in recent years. This means that if you are patient enough, you are almost guaranteed to make a profit on your $100 investment. For example, the price of bitcoin has recently jumped from around $20,000-$68,000. This made lots of people millionaires overnight. However, with a small investment like $100, you can benefit from the percentage increase in the value of bitcoin.

However, keep in mind that you cannot make the profit or suffer from loss unless you sell your bitcoin and convert it back into your currency. So, if you are suffering from loss in your bitcoin investment, you should wait for long enough for its value to bounce back before you can sell it and make a profit.

One of the biggest benefits of investing in Bitcoin is that you don’t have to buy the whole coin. You can buy a fraction of Bitcoin for $100, and even make profit as the price goes up in the long run. However, if you want to make a living out of your bitcoin investment, you must invest more money to generate more income.

The fact that you can even invest $100 in bitcoin shows us the accessibility and functionality of the crypto market. Anyone can start investing with a small sum of money, and still make profit.