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Best Property in Singapore: Liv @ MB

 Everyone has certain dreams when it comes to their dream homes. From the day one becomes mature enough they even start planning about the details of the house they will own one day. People have a picture of how their future house will look like. People work all through life to earn and make enough money to ultimately purchase their dream house. If you are in Singapore and looking for your dream house.

BulkitSembawang Estates developed a new property called Liv @ MB. It is one property you must check out. It is located at one of the best locations along Arthur Road in the upmarket district. It is a newly made private condominium. It is almost at the edge of the city. East coast park is right at the corner of this beautiful property. The plot ratio of this property is two is to one. The property will be up to twenty-four storeys. The property is spread across thirteen thousand square meters.


 The reason why this property is one of the best and one should go for getting their dream home in this property are numerous such as:

  • Singapore sports hub is at a distance of about three minutes’ drive.
  • Katong Park is at walkable distance
  • Katong community centre is only six minutes away by walking
  • The property is close to the old airport road food centre
  • The two largest malls in Singapore Suntec city mall and city square mall both are close to the property
  • Katong shopping centre is nearby
  • Many popular schools and universities are near the property
  • The nearest hospital is just a ten-minute drive away that is the park. East hospital
  • Liv @ MB price is quite affordable
  • Changi airport is twelve minutes away by driving
  • The central business district is just four to five train stops away.
  • It has an MRT station within a distance of ten minutes that is Mountbatten and Dakota station
  • Nicoll highway is only four minutes away

These are a few of the numerous reasons which make Liv @ MB one of the best properties to have your home at. The Liv @ MB price is one of the biggest reasons which no one can neglect.


Inspecting a Prospective House

If you have decided to buy a house with your partner, then this is probably a really exciting and scary time for you because you want to be sure that you are choosing the right house for both of you. There are a lot of houses on the market and given how this is usually a once-in-a-lifetime investment for most people, getting the right one is imperative. You can talk to a real estate agent or two and look into the Halls Creek North homes for sale as a potential option. If you want pointers for what you need to look into, then you can keep on reading below

  • You want a house that meets or compromises your needs. You want a certain number of rooms and you want to be sure your house has that. Some areas can be compromised like a smaller kitchen space or one less bathroom and so on. You essentially want to figure out what you can compromise on and what is non-negotiable.

  • You should ideally have a house inspector or contractor come in and examine the house to let you know whether or not there are any underlying issues in the wiring, plumbing, check for asbestos in case it is an older house, and so on. This gives you a better composite for what work may be needed and whether or not you want to commit to that.
  • The neighborhood is also very important, so you want to be around a community that feels safe and welcoming. You plan on spending your entire life here, so you are not just committing to the house, you are committing to the neighborhood as well.
  • You want to look into how much commuting would be involved to get to work, school, stores, and other essential stores and services.