How To Choose Birthday Bouquet Delivery Singapore

Flower delivery is a service that is provided by florists. In modern times, a customer may easily browse through catalogs of flowers which they can then purchase online. The flowers are then delivered either to the person who has purchased them or a third party.

How Did Flower Delivery Begin?

When this was first established in the year 1910 this was referred to as the Flower Wire Service. This was first established by a group of florists in the United States who wanted to create a Florist Telegraph Delivery Service or the FTD where orders were exchanged through the Telegraph messages.

How Do They Operate?

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In the flower wire service there are agents that act like a sale or a travel agent and their functions are to sell the services to the client. Customers usually have a Broker from whom they can purchase from. A Broker is basically a service provider. Once an order is placed by the customer it will be sent to any local flower shop. In most cases the broker keeps a certain amount of service tax or fees and sends the florist an amount within which they have to prepare the order given by the customer.

Flower Delivery Today

Thanks to the internet, individuals can purchase birthday bouquet delivery singapore and seek the service of florists from all over the world. Customers now have various options to choose from when looking for this service.

Types of Services / Deliveries:

  • There are Local florists who have their own websites and can also provide personal and direct service to the client.
  • There are Relay florists who act as a middleman between the customer and the florist. They usually take the customer’s order and provide it to a local florist. This however can only be done if the delivery location is local to the relay service.
  • There is also Courier delivery. This is usually done when the order that is placed has to cover a long distance. The flowers are first arranged on a farm or a warehouse and then they are placed in boxes and are shipped to the customer. The main advantage of this system is that the order can cover a long distance and can still keep the flowers fresh as they are shipped directly from the farms.

In conclusion, the flower delivery service industry has expanded a lot and has made it easier for customers and providers to reach one another and have helped several local flower providers to expand their own business. This has mostly been due to how much the process has been simplified by the internet.