Can a Breakup Affect Your Health?

The effects of breakup on health is something that not talked about enough but there are surely a number of effects on our health and obviously there aren’t any positive, when you go through an emotional trauma our mind and body requires attention and care in order to recover from it and we usually take care after some sort of physical injury but don’t give a lot of thought to taking care of ourselves after an emotional trauma but in reality it is equally as important, some of the serious effects of breakup on health include things like depression, anxiety, lack of confidence which leads to other mental and physical disorders and if you don’t put an end to it then it will start to take a toll on you and it will be worse before you know it.


What you must about it is to approach the breakup and emotional trauma rationally, now that is easier said than done but for your own health and wellness you have to do it, first all of all there is anxiety and lack of self-confidence especially if the breakup was initiated by your partner, you want her back and there is a feeling of sadness as well, so basically what you need to first is to get clear in your head about how you want to approach it, whether you will pursue her back or try to win her back this is something that you need to decide and quick.

If you decide to pursue her back then it is a different story but getting over her would take you to a different route, it is best that you get back to basics, workout, get enough sleep, eat at the right time and just when the time is right be open to seeing someone new.