Jesus of Nazareth: The Story of His Life Simply Told

Jesus of Nazareth: The Story of His Life Simply Told

Mother Mary Loyola

  • $17.95

In 1906, Mother Mary Loyola was asked to write the story of Our Lord for American missionaries.  Her writing style had so endeared her to children the world over that, despite the many excellent versions of this Greatest Story Ever Told, its publishers were confident that it would bring its readers closer to Our Lord.

Though it was originally intended for children, like most of Mother Loyola's work, it has a very broad appeal across all ages.  For this reason, the same book was subsequently published under the current title--The Story of His Life Simply Told--as a way to encourage adults that this story is not for children alone.

Thus, while the content of this book is exactly the same as Jesus of Nazareth: The Story of His Life Written for Children, even down to the illustrations, we have followed the lead of these earlier publishers and created this edition for adult sensibilities.

Unlike other publishers of reprinted books, at St. Augustine Academy Press, we put a great deal of care into our curated editions.  With few exceptions, all of them are newly typeset (not bad photocopies of the original) and many are beautifully illustrated.  Don't confuse our editions with the many cheaply produced volumes with generic covers!  Our books are the real deal, and worth your investment.

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