A Child's Book of Poems

A Child's Book of Poems

yo Fujikawa

  • $8.96

The writers in this charming anthology of 200 poems--first published in 1969--are among literatures most beloved. Fujikawas appealing illustrations depict children of all races sweetly interacting, as well as an engagingly rendered menagerie of animals and the natural world in all its wonderment. Full color.

From the publisher: In this magical world—filled with sun-dappled river banks and snow-covered forests, bright yellow daffodils and bloom-laden cherry trees—you’ll share adventures with cheerful crocodiles, tiny fairies, friendly cows, and dancing children.

Visit this enchanting place in two hundred beloved poems, from the voyage of “The Owl and the Pussycat” to the serenity of “Night Blessing,” the fun of “Counting-Out Rhymes” to the adventures of “The Kayak.”

Gyo Fujikawa’s beautiful color and black-and-white illustrations captivate young and old alike, and will add to the fun of reading these timeless poems. You’ll want to romp and play, and explore and travel, along with her fanciful creatures, adorable animals, and charming children.

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