Beginning Apologetics 1: How to Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith

Beginning Apologetics 1: How to Explain and Defend the Catholic Faith

San Juan Catholic Seminar

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How to Explain & Defend the Catholic Faith

Can you answer these questions?

  • Why do you Catholics call your priests "father" when Mt 23:9 clearly says "call no man father"
  • Why do you Catholics worship the Eucharist? Isn't it just a symbolic piece of bread?
  • How can you believe in God when there is so much suffering in the world?
  • Why are Catholics opposed to abortion?
  • Why is Mary such a big deal to Catholics?
  • Aren't there errors and contradictions in the Bible?
  • Do Catholics believe in the "Rapture"?

Most Catholics can't. But you don't have to be tongue-tied the next time your non-Catholic friend asks tough questions like these. Learn how to explain your faith clearly, defend it charitably, and share it confidently.


  • Practical Points on Bible Reading
  • The Eucharist
    Appendix 1: The Early Church Fathers' View of the Eucharist
  • The Canon of the Bible
  • The Bible Alone?
  • Apostolic Authority: Peter and the Papacy
  • Marian Doctrines
    Appendix 2: The Protestant Reformer's View of Mary
  • Questions Asked about Mary
  • Confession
  • Scandals in the Church
  • Prayer to the Saints
  • Purgatory
Miscellaneous Questions:
  • 1."Call no man father"?
  • 2.Statue Worship?
  • 3.Constantine and Paganism?
  • 4.Mass a Sacrifice?
  • 5.Baptism: Merely Symbolic?
  • 6.Why Infant Baptism?
  • 7.Saved by Faith Alone?
  • 8.Insufficiency of Redemption?
  • 9.Assurance of Salvation?
  • 10.Tradition Condemned?
  • 11.Changing Doctrines?
  • 12.Why are Priests Celibate?
  • 13.Does Denomination Matter?
  • 14.Which Church Did Jesus Found?

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