Having an elevator in your home has many unexpected benefits

There are two reasons why homeowners buy a home elevator: either they are experiencing difficulty climbing the stairs for the first time, or they are preparing their home for the future, which will allow them to age in the comfort of their home. We often hear from our customers at Stiltz Home Elevators ascensores para casas de familia that after installing an elevator for their home, there are many hidden benefits and surprising uses for their new addition, which makes the entire process of living easier and more convenient for them.

When we live in a busy family home, it is common to overlook that having just one staircase as the only route between floors can pose a pinch-point. Our customers have reported that using a home elevator gives ascensores para casas de familia them more options for getting around their house, making their time and effort more efficient. In addition to reducing noise and chaos caused by the stampede when the household members are called to come for dinner, there will also be fewer ways to move between floors.

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Only when homeowners have a residential elevator to help them with their heavy lifting many homeowners often realize how much heavy lifting they are taking for granted around the home once they have one. When moving bulky and heavy items around the home, whether moving the vacuum cleaner upstairs, bringing bags of shopping into your apartment, or dragging suitcases down the stairs, there is always a chance of injury or damage to the home.

A home elevator makes it so easy to move objects around, and with a Stiltz elevator that can carry up to 375-500 pounds, you won’t have any trouble moving anything around. In addition to being an easy-to-use and safe home elevator for those who choose one purely for practical reasons, Stiltz home lifts are also extremely elegant and stylish. Many people are amazed by the appearance of their homes. Many have said it has given them a new talking point with family and friends.

Though many of us plan and make adjustments for the future, it is surprising how much relief it is not to worry about the impact of aging on our mobility, even among those who make adjustments for the future. It is an incredible relief to know that the home is already adapted to support them, no matter what their access needs may be in the future. Stiltz wheelchair elevators are also available for those who require them to use wheelchairs in the future.