Dwell: One Woman's Search for Home and a Sense of Belonging

Dwell: One Woman's Search for Home and a Sense of Belonging

Simon & Schuster

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From a homeschooling mom and SiriusXM radio host who has endured eleven moves in fifteen years comes a highly relatable and insightful reexamination of the concept of home and what it means to nurture your roots--wherever they're currently planted.


When Hallie Lord imagined her future, she dreamed of a beautiful home on a small plot of land where she and her family would put down roots--ones that would grow deep over many decades. Instead, her reality became eleven moves in fifteen years--with eight babies along the way!


As a SiriusXM radio host and highly-sought after speaker, Hallie often travels the country, sharing the story of her own evolving notion of what makes a home and her struggle to make peace with a life that looks nothing like the one she had imagined. Along the way, she has been surprised to find that what she thought was a unique experience is actually shared by women everywhere. Over and over, Hallie's fans have shared that they, too, have longed for a permanent place to call home, but found that seemingly simple dream much more elusive to attain than they ever imagined. Many speak of feeling like outsiders in their own community--even after living in the same neighborhood for decades.


In her irresistible and funny voice, Hallie reveals the secrets to finding joy and a sense of belonging in spite of her family's nomadic existence. Through graceful and charming essays, Hallie shares the lessons that God taught her about finding home--even when deep roots are impossible to cultivate.


For anyone who has ever struggled to find a sense of place, D well provides inspiration and encouragement to accept change and recognize what matters most.

Hallie Lord is a writer, speaker, and the host of Hallie Weekly, which airs on the national SiriusXM network. She is the author of On the Other Side of Fear: How I Found Peace, and the editor and contributing author of Style, Sex, and Substance, both of which were #1 bestsellers in their genre. Her writing has appeared in a variety of publications including America, Family Foundations, OSV Newsweekly, Catholic Digest, Faith and Family, and This Rock. She has been featured on Patheos, Aleteia, Simple Mom, Faith and Family Live, Catholic Exchange, and Fathers for Good. Lord also cofounded the Edel Gathering, a conference for Christian women. She lives with her husband and eight children in Charleston, South Carolina.

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