English Grammar Recitation Workbook Four Teacher Guide

English Grammar Recitation Workbook Four Teacher Guide

Memoria Press

  • $11.66

English Grammar Recitation Workbook Four is tied specifically to the grammar taught in Third Form Latin and covers 30 additional grammar rules. These rules teach phrases and verbals and expand upon nouns and pronouns. A thorough review of the rules from Workbook One-Three is also included.

We’ve been saying for years that Latin teaches English grammar better than English teaches English grammar, and now we have written a course that makes the perfect English grammar supplement for your Latin program. Memoria Press’ English Grammar Recitation is a manual of about 150 grammar questions, answers, and examples designed to be studied and memorized much like a catechism. Students memorize the terminology and definitions of analytical grammar, much like they memorize forms in Latin.

English Grammar Recitation is perfect for the serious Latin student who needs an English grammar program that coordinates with his study of Latin over the five years of Latina Christiana through the Form series.

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