First Year Henle Latin I Study Guide for Units VI-XIV

First Year Henle Latin I Study Guide for Units VI-XIV

Memoria Press

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Need a little more guidance on how to use Henle? Our study guides will tell the student what to do at every step of the way. Each is broken down into 33 weekly lessons with daily student activities. Detailed, thorough, and well-organized, with check-off boxes for completed work, these guides will ease your transition into Henle.

Description of Henle Latin: In the Henle Series, grammar and syntax are collected into a separate 250-page Grammar Manual, which is used as a handy reference to accompany all four years of Henle. The Henle texts contain all of the exercises and readings.  In the First Year text, a limited vocabulary of 500 words allows students to master grammar without being overwhelmed with a large vocabulary.  Many repetitious Latin phrases and copious exercises produce mastery rather than frustration, and the mixture of Christian and classical content is appealing to students.  Exercises and readings teach Roman and American history, the difference between the pagan and Christian worldviews, and the difference between the virtues of the natural man (of whom the Roman was the greatest type) and the virtues of the Christian man, which are possible only through grace.

This study guide contains an introduction and teaching guidelines, 32 weekly lessons, a cumulative grammar test, and an expanded key to the assigned exercises. Units VI-XIV include the following topics:

Unit VI: present and imperfect subjunctive, purpose clauses, relative clauses
Unit VII: perfect and pluperfect subjunctive, direct and indirect questions
Unit VIII: passive subjunctive, vocative case, direct and indirect reflexives
Unit IX: perfect participle passive, hic, ille, ablative of spearation
Unit X: possum, infinitive in noun constructions, numerals, irregular adjectives
Unit XI: 3rd conjugation -io verbs, rules for time, dative verbs
Unit XII: accusative with infinitive construction
Unit XIII: comparison of adjectives, deponent verbs
Unit XIV: irregular verb eo

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