Hot Cha Cha!

Hot Cha Cha!

Gingerbread House

  • $11.87

When Maria finds the lost key to her neighborhood’s city playground, she gathers all her friends together for a rollicking, rolling good time of outdoor fun in this vividly illustrated, artfully narrated, rhyming adventure. Just as the kids are about to leave their newly found turf, the grown-ups crash the party and join in on the fun—hand-clapping, rope-jumping, and high-swinging together in a colorful multicultural celebration. Teaching children the fundamentals of storytelling, this picture book provides an impeccable working model for storytelling using straight rhymes, slant rhymes, and meter. Masterfully presenting poetic tools in an accessible manner, this is a book whose story sings and leaps off the page, causing kids to dance and cheer.

By Josephine Nobisso, Illustrated by Joan Holub

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