Introduction to Composition Teacher Key Third Edition

Introduction to Composition Teacher Key Third Edition

Memoria Press

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The Introduction to Composition Teacher Key contains the answers to the Introduction to Composition Student Guide. Recommended for Grades 3-4.

Our Introduction to Composition course focuses on the concepts of narration, dictation, and copywork. Reading passages are taken from Farmer Boy, Charlotte’s Web, A Bear Called Paddington, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins, with supplemental lessons from The Moffats. Students are given guided questions to help them formulate a summary of the passage they have read. After giving an oral summary of their reading, their written work consists of a written summary and copying a couple of sentences from dictation. The goal of this first writing course is to help students become more proficient in listening and writing skills, a great preparation for the Memoria Press writing program, Classical Composition. Introduction to Composition is a year-long writing course that goes along perfectly with our Third Grade Literature Guides, but can be used independently as well.

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