Latin Cursive Copybook: Hymns & Prayers

Latin Cursive Copybook: Hymns & Prayers

Memoria Press

  • $13.46

Handwriting practice and Latin practice are combined in this copybook. While improving handwriting, students memorize classroom Latin (e.g. “Hello, teacher”), Latin sayings, and beautiful prayers and hymns from Latina Christiana, First Form Latin, and Lingua Angelica.

Latin Cursive Copybook starts with an introduction to forming letters followed by classroom Latin, sayings, and hymns from Latina Christiana, First Form Latin, and Lingua Angelica. Our copybooks are three-in-one wonders that include memory work, copybook exercises, and drawing pages. They teach penmanship, timeless Latin passages, accuracy, attention to detail, and memorization—all through the simple skill of copying. Why have students practice their handwriting on word lists when they can learn beautiful Latin hymns and prayers that will stay with them for their entire lives? Memoria Press’ cursive font is based on the New American Cursive handwriting program. New American Cursive is specifically designed with beautiful yet simple curves for introducing young students to cursive.

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