Latina Christiana Grammar Charts

Latina Christiana Grammar Charts

Memoria Press

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Grammar forms organized on wall charts (33 x 17 inches, 6 charts total) are a great visual aid for Latin students.  Our charts are in a large easy-to-read format that helps students see the organization of the Latin grammar at a quick glance.

Latina Christiana Grammar Charts Include:

  • 1st-5th Declension Nouns
  • 1st-4th Conjugation Verbs
  • To Be Verbs
  • Pronouns
  • 1st-2nd Declension Adjectives
  • Verb Forms – Tense Endings
  • Irregular Verbs – sum & possum

*These charts also include the forms taught in Latina Christiana II.

Latina Christiana is, quite simply, the best grammar-based Latin course available for beginning students. Cheryl Lowe’s clear explanations, easy instructions, and step-by-step approach have led thousands of teachers and students to declare, “I love Latin!” Each lesson consists of a grammar form, ten vocabulary words, and English derivatives to help build vocabulary and a Latin saying that teaches students about their Christian and classical heritage. Five review lessons help ensure that your student has mastered the material.

Exercises reinforce memory work and teach grammar in incremental steps through simple translation. Grammar coverage includes 1st-2nd declension nouns, 1st-2nd conjugation verbs, 1st-2nd declension adjectives, the irregular verb to be, and 1st-2nd person pronouns.

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