Living the Good Life

Living the Good Life

Mark Lowery

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What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Moral Issues

Living the Good Life by Mark Lowery, Ph.D. Living the Good Life is an introduction to the Church's moral teaching for the everyday Catholic. It explains the overall landscape of moral theology by examining the foundational issues. Then, using a Q and A and dialog format, it tackles many specific moral problems that Catholics face today, as well as some burning moral issues that our culture faces as a whole.

"Living the Good Life treats all the major moral issues of today - abortion, contraception, war and the death penalty - with fidelity, clarity and wisdom. Lowery not only explains WHAT the Church teaches but WHY she does so. Rooted in Scripture, the natural law, a proper understanding of Vatican II and the moral vision of John Paul II, Living the Good Lifeis likely to be recognized as the single best introductory textbook for college and adult education courses in Catholic morality."
Robert Fastiggi, PH.D.
Associate Professor of Systemic Theology
Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, Michigan