Ludere Latine Answer Key Fourth Edition

Ludere Latine Answer Key Fourth Edition

Memoria Press

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**New and improved edition! Features numerous adjustments to make a great product even better! (Not compatible with prior editions.)**

Even though we feel that it is impossible to find anything more fun than reciting declensions, we responded to the demands for Latin games with a Latina Christiana word games course. In this activity book, we’ve stuffed enrichment activities of every kind to help your students learn the vocabulary, grammar, and derivatives presented in the Latina Christiana course. Students will find hours of enjoyment playing Latin Hangman, solving Latin Crossword puzzles, and competing against each other in Latin Pictionary! And teachers will be thrilled, knowing that such “fun” work is actually worthwhile.

The Answer Key has inset pages with answers from Ludere Latine, a supplemental book that provides activity worksheets for each Latina Christiana lesson, plus instructions on how to play Latin versions of six popular children’s games.

Ludere Latine: 111 pages corresponding to Latina Christiana with crossword, wordsearch, and hangman games.

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