Macbeth Student Study Guide

Macbeth Student Study Guide

Memoria Press

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One of Shakespeare’s darkest tragedies, Macbeth explores the themes of fate, political ambition, and guilt through the life of the Scottish general, Macbeth. After being told by three witches that he will become the king of Scotland, Macbeth becomes enthralled by his own ambition, committing increasingly heinous acts to hold on to his power. Overcome by madness and despair, Macbeth ultimately discovers fate is not always as it seems. The Macbeth Student Study Guide increases the student’s vocabulary and reading comprehension by providing in-depth vocabulary study, reading notes, comprehension questions, and more.

The Macbeth Student Study Guide contains vocabulary studies, reading notes, comprehension questions, Socratic discussion questions, work with quotes, and literary and rhetorical devices. The Macbeth Student Study Guide is designed to guide students through the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages towards the central proposition that gives the story ultimate meaning and expression. Upper-School Student books are now in a smaller, non-consumable format. The format of these guides helps older students transition away from a workbook mentality and prepares them for college classes by teaching them to take their own notes and glean information from lectures, class discussions, and the text. The answers are contained in the Macbeth Teacher Guide.

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