MCP Mathematics Level F Student Edition

MCP Mathematics Level F Student Edition

Modern Curriculum Press

  • $23.98

Student Workbook: Each two-page lesson focuses on one main objective. The first page begins with a developmental model to get your child started. The second page of the lesson provides practice and extension of the lesson’s objective. A series of exercises and additional practice provides plenty of support for your child.

MCP Mathematics promotes mathematical success for all students, especially those who struggle with their core math program. This trusted, targeted program uses a traditional drill and practice format with a predictable, easy-to-use lesson format. MCP Math is flexible and adaptable to fit a variety of intervention settings including after school, summer school, and additional math instruction during the regular school day.

By teaching with MCP Math, you can:

  • Provide targeted intervention through a complete alternative program to core math textbooks.
  • Help students learn and retain new concepts and skills with extensive practice.
  • Prepare students at a wide range of ability levels for success on standardized tests of math proficiency.

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