Pearls of Lutra (Redwall #9)

Pearls of Lutra (Redwall #9)

Brian Jacques

  • $7.65

New York Times bestselling author Brian Jacques gives us another tale of Redwall, filled with "The Knights of the Round Table with paws" (The Sunday Times) along with their friends and enemies.


Known as the Tears of All Oceans, six magnificent rose-colored pearls that inspire passion, greed, and deception are mysteriously missing. The only clue is a series of riddles, and Tansy, a young hedgehog maid at Redwall Abbey, is desperate to solve them--for the life of one she holds dear is in great danger.


But Ublaz Mad Eyes--the evil emperor of a tropical isle beyond the horizon--is determined to claim the pearls as his own. And a crew of fearsome monitor lizards and corsairs gathered around him grows restless...

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