Pride and Prejudice Student Study Guide

Pride and Prejudice Student Study Guide

Memoria Press

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Austen’s witty and incisive story of the Bennet family’s relational follies in Regency England is a master class in the complexities of human nature, the dangers of blind pride and unchecked prejudice, and the ways in which we grow – in humility and in character, and in how we relate to one another. The Pride & Prejudice Student Guide, Second Edition includes Reading Notes, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions, Socratic Discussion Questions, and Essay Prompts.

The Pride & Prejudice Student Guide, Second Edition is designed to guide students through the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages towards the central proposition that gives the story ultimate meaning and expression. Upper-School Student books are now in a smaller, non-consumable format. The format of these guides helps older students transition away from a workbook mentality and prepares them for college classes by teaching them to take their own notes and glean information from lectures, class discussions, and the text. The answers are contained in the Pride & Prejudice Teacher Guide, Second Edition.

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