Program for Achieving Character Education (PACE) 5th Grade Workbook

Program for Achieving Character Education (PACE) 5th Grade Workbook


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The 5th Grade PACE workbook, companion to the PACEmanual, uses grade-appropriate exercises and activities to reinforce the virtues studied in the curriculum. The purpose of this workbook is to provide varied reading and writing assignments that allow the learner to work independently while studying character-building concepts.


This workbook focuses more intensely on composition and literature rather than basic reading and writing skills. Grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension receive attention as well.

Every book in the PACE Workbook Series features exercises relating to

grammar, vocabulary and usage, definitions, writing mechanics, and reading. As they advance through the Series, students review and build incrementally upon skills covered in previous workbooks for long-term mastery of foundational Language Arts skills.


All workbooks include an answer key and book review templates.

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