Second Year Henle Latin Quizzes & Tests

Second Year Henle Latin Quizzes & Tests

Memoria Press

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The Second Year Latin Quizzes & Tests are made to be used along with the Second Year Henle Latin Lesson Plansin which a quiz is scheduled for most weeks.

It used to be that the first Latin author students were confronted with in a substantive way was Julius Caesar.  Today, more politically correct Latin authors have taken his place, but we’re sticking with Caesar. He is the greatest historical writer the Romans produced, and his military journal, De Bello Gallico, is considered a model of Latin prose. To prepare for it, Memoria Press spends a year on the grammar and syntax lessons in Henle Latin II, before then translating De Bello Gallico the following year.

This program is ideal for students who have completed the Latin grammar through the Memoria Press Form Series and are ready to focus on translation. Students will need the Henle Latin II Text, the Answer Key,  the Lesson Plans, and the Quizzes & Tests, all of which can be ordered below. The Henle Latin Grammar, which was used with Fourth Form and Henle Latin I, is also required.

From the publisher: “The backbone of [Henle Latin II] is intensive language study, including review of the first year plus new materials. Readings from Caesar’s Commentaries, extensive exercises, and Latin-English vocabularies fill the volume.”

The Second Year Henle Latin Lesson Plans contain detailed lesson plans that will guide you through the advanced grammar and syntax lessons in Henle Latin II. We recommend completing this year of translation practice before attempting to read Caesar. For each week, there is a chart provided which schedules the work over four days. The daily work is divided into three different categories: Opening (review, recitations), Lesson, and Closing (specific grammar and vocabulary to be studied in preparation for testing). A quiz is scheduled for most weeks which can be found in the Memoria Press Second Year Latin Quizzes & Tests.

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