The Holy Mass Faith Folder

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The Holy Mass Double Faith Folder

This double Faith Folder explores the Most Holy Mass, the source and summit of our Catholic faith. The material covered includes the parts of the Mass and details about the liturgy including the prayers and responses of the Holy Mass. The liturgical year, colors and holy days of obligation are covered. 

The meaning behind the gestures we make during Mass are explained as are the sacred altar vessels and books used during the liturgy. This double Faith Folder also features a set of Catechism question and answer flash cards regarding the Holy Mass. A special mini-book about Church manners makes a great addition to this Faith Folder. 

All of the components can be easily adapted toward a variety of ages and learning levels. As always, a variety of options are offered for each component. This double Faith Folder is great for those preparing for First Communion but is also great for any age to truly understand and appreciate the most holy and precious gift of the Mass. 


  • Decorative Front and Back Covers
  • "The Parts of the Mass" Graduated Pages Book
  • Seasons of the Liturgical Year Wheel
  • "Introductory Rites" Rounded Rectangle Book
  • "The Liturgy of the Word" Rounded Rectangle Book
  • "The Liturgy of the Eucharist" Rounded Rectangle Book
  • "Concluding Rite" Rounded Rectangle Book
  • "Liturgical Colors" Square Fold Out Book
  • "Holy Days of Obligation" Graduated Pages Book
  • "Prayers of the Mass" Pocket & Card Set
  • "The Books of the Mass" Pick-a-Tab Book
  • "The Sacred Altar Vessels" Octagon Fold Out Book
  • "The Mass Ministers" Many Flaps Book
  • "The Last Supper" Open the Doors Book
  • "The Four Ends of the Mass" Rectangle Book
  • "Keep Holy the Sabbath" Pentagon Book
  • "Receiving Our Lord" Triple-Decker Book Set
  • "The Sanctuary A Holy Place" Hexagon Fold Out Book
  • "Catechism Questions & Answers" Pocket & Flash Cards Set
  • "What Does Scripture Say About Mass?" Q&A Set
  • "Gestures & Postures At Mass" Block Set
  • "Mass Vocabulary" File Folder Shape Book
  • "My Little Book of Church Manners" Book
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Sample Pictures

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