Watchdog on the Rhine A Story of Saint Peter Canisius

Watchdog on the Rhine A Story of Saint Peter Canisius

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Born in 1521, Peter Canisius was a great figure of the Catholic Counter-Reformation. As a youth, Peter was stubborn and mischievous, but after making a spiritual retreat as a young man, he was filled with grace and had a strong desire to do something for God. He discerned that God was calling him to become a Jesuit priest. As a Jesuit priest, Peter courageously preached against heresies, authored many fine books, and founded great institutions of learning. Reading this story can encourage us to follow in the footsteps of Saint Peter Canisius, who gave up his selfishness, followed God’s calling, and willingly accepted the burdens and crosses of daily life.

Author Brother Genard Greene, C.S.C.

In the Footsteps of the Saints Level 3

In the Footsteps of the Saints is a series of leveled readers originally published by the Brothers of the Holy Cross and brought back to print by Mary's Books Publishing. These stories bring to life the stories of many saints and models of the faith. It is so important for children (and all of us) to learn about lives rooted in virtue. These beautifully written books touch the hearts of those young and old. In addition to independent reading these stories make for wonderful bedtime or family reading.

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