Beauty School Career For Esthetics Course

Esthetics Course

Having good skin care, together with professional make up that can lessen the effects of signs of aging. Learning about skin care treatment from clinical to make-up application and face massage can bring you knowledge about skin beautification. Esthiology is a practice to perform skin care such as waxes, body treatments, make up application, and many more.

In enrolling at the Aveda Institute Des Moines esthiology program, you will be trained on how to use 100% pure plant essences. This pure essential is a multi-repair function in the skin and can make your bright beautiful flesh look young. This program will instruct the methods in a way of hands-on techniques, iPad curriculum, demonstrations, classroom learning, visuals, and research.

What are the career programs at this institute?

In Aveda Institude Des Moines esthiology program is a top school in beauty services. The school provides 3 vocational programs: cosmetology, esthiology, and massage therapy. When you start your career by taking a vocational course in esthiology, it will take 600-hour programs. In this course, it covers performing the following such as:

Facial massage

Clinical treatments

Personal/career development


Make-up application


What benefits of using pure plant essence for skin treatment?

At Aveda Institute, they proudly use their innovative program of esthiology about learning in beauty. When it comes to esthiology, they use pure plant essence for skin treatment. The pure plant essence can provide skin care training to know the significance of using pure flower and plant essences for treatments. Here are the benefits of using the pure plant essentials for skin such as the following:

The pure or organic essential oils were developed for the skin treatment in a proper function and health. The essential oil contains the wide variety of healing in skin and the most important is antioxidant properties.

The Aveda Esthiology uses this essential oil on the special concentrations of organic and it is good for sensitive skin.

The essential oil is extremely medicinal for acne, skin conditions, anti-inflammatory, and regenerating the skin.

The essential oils are completely plant compounds, it contains the full extract of the plant which can make it beneficial and powerful. The extract is good for the dynamic mixtures in every treatment for skin because it has no irritation for sensitivity.

The Aveda Institute, uses these skin products to encourage all the wellness during the treatments. It is a modern science on using the products from the power of the plant to allow the students/learners to have knowledge of creating a  custom experience for every client. A skincare will provide the individuals with uniqueness in treatment with good results. In completing these courses you can start your career in the following such as:

Skincare Specialist

Make-up Artist

Waxing Professional

Knowledge of Aveda Products

Spa Techniques