A gravity bong is one of the most popular ways to smoke marijuana, because it provides such a smooth, clear high with minimal effort or cost. It’s also very easy to make, all you need are a bottle, some weed, and water. With this guide on how to smoke from a gravity bong, the only hard part will be deciding what color you want your new bong to be. Click Here to Shop and place your order today.

Find your materials

You’ll need a bottle, a bowl, and a downstem. If you don’t have a downstem, you can use a metal straw or any other type of tube. Cut the bottom off the bottle so that it’s about half an inch tall. Fill the bowl with water and place it upside down on the bottle. Place your cannabis in the bowl and light it. As you smoke, the water will slowly fall into the bottle, filling it with smoke.

Set up your water bong

You’ll need a water bong and a bowl to start. Fill the bong with water so that the bowl is submerged. Place your mouth over the top of the bong and light the bowl. Make sure you click here to shop for the best types of bongs.


Load your bowl

Before you can start smoking from your gravity bong, you need to load your bowl. Start by breaking up your weed into small pieces. Then, pack the bowl tightly, but don’t overpack it.

Light and enjoy

Once you have your gravity bong assembled, it’s time to smoke. Fill the bowl with your favorite herb and light it up. As you inhale, the water will begin to fill the chamber and smoke will start to build up.