How to start a British Curriculum school Singapore

The British curriculum is one of the most sought-after school curricula in the world. Many countries opt for this curriculum because of its versatility and education system that will provide overall knowledge to the children. Hence many parents also seek out schools with this curriculum. There is a clear level of expanding knowledge of the students with their key-stages system and tracking the progress. It focuses on the core subjects and their fundamentals while also understanding and learning more complex fields related to the subjects as they grow older. This provides in-depth knowledge to a child who can decide better what field they would like to explore more in after graduating from school and joining a university. Moreover, the learning system is not just limited to academics but practical as well. That is why it is a renowned curriculum.

If you are interested in opening a british curriculum school singapore, then you should know there is a lot of competition in this category. However, it is not impossible. If you know the importance of the British curriculum, and advertise your school accordingly, you can open a school successfully.

british curriculum school singapore

The first thing you need to do is not be impulsive and open a school that takes in students on all levels. It would be wise to start with the lower classes and gradually level up. That means, starting with an elementary school first. However, if you do plan to level up, you need to make sure the area where the school will be built is enough to open a full school that houses classes till the higher secondary level. The second step would be to prove credentials. You need to hire teachers who are experienced and have knowledge about the British curriculum so that you do not have to train them. When you advertise, you need to make sure you add the credentials attached to the school. Hence hire teachers who are familiar with the system.

After the teachers and academic skills, you need to make sure your school is offering activities that will not only appeal to the parents but also promote growth in the child. That includes extracurricular activities and a learning plan that involves not just textbook education but activity-based education. This way you can make studying more enjoyable for the child. Hence research how you can incorporate activities that will promote entertainment and education.

As far as research is concerned, you need to be meticulous in your research. You must go through several school blogs and websites that are popular in your city and observe what makes them stand out from the rest of the schools. And research schools that have a British curriculum. Since these schools are your rivals, you need to study them and plan accordingly. Therefore do your homework before starting school.