Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

When it comes to product photography, yes a picture indeed is worth a thousand words as it describes your brand in a way that words fail to do so. Many businesses are moving forward, advancing with time and with the newest technologies. They have taken their business and are expanding it on the online platform but because of moving the business online, people are not able to make their decisions based on the sense of touch or product interaction like in the earlier times. In such cases, product photography plays an important role. Just like video content, photo content is also very popular and an effective way of increasing your brand production product photography services singapore is spreading its roots.

Different types of product photography.

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  • Individual shots.

The title itself is quite self explanatory, individual shots are the most common types of product photography. They are shots of only one particular object in the frame. These types of shots are often featured in product catalogues, banner images, and through various product pages wherein you can showcase your products to your audience. These types of shots let’s the audience get a clear and independent image of the product, without the other products getting in between.

  • Group shots.

Unlike individual shots, groups shots show more than just one object in the image/frame. It is a photo which combines multiple products. These are often used for photos of product  kits and collection. It lets your customer understand your offerings better.

  • Lifestyle shots.

This type of photography is mostly like live photos being displayed. You can use different models for this kind of product photography as your products would be displayed on the model which has been selected by you.

  • Scale shots.

With online shopping, the problem of not seeing the product and therefore not understanding the actual size of the product arises. Hence along with the photo of the product, a list about their scale and size has been generated.

A good quality product image is known to be the driving force of engagement, interaction, conversions, retention and ultimately that of a customers lifetime value. You might be wondering how, right? The reason a good quality product photo works well is because it leaves a certain kind of impression on people. It shows that even though they are not actually able to touch and interact with the products, there is still a way for them to feel connected to the product that they want to buy.