Take the same thing as what, it worked for him.

When I was training, I was told that taking it was good for exploding my muscles. And that seemed like a good reason, since the star of the room was taking it and was huge.

But beware, not all steroids are created equal.

Before detailing the main steroids and their effects, let’s start by defining what steroids are.

Anabolic steroids are chemical molecules derived from testosterone having two more or less marked components: an androgenic component and an anabolic component. The androgenic component is the one that will accelerate cell renewal and healing.

Remember that originally certain steroids such as nandrolone were prescribed in serious cases of delayed healing Cheap injectable steroids for sale.

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Trenbolone had its heyday for the treatment of severe burns. Strength athletes, sprinters or very massive bodybuilders, and even a good number of fighters are precisely looking for this androgenic component. The androgenic steroid by definition is synthetic testosterone , bringing strength, significant weight gain (although a large part is water retention, hence the “puffy” appearance of consumers)…

Anabolics with a weak androgenic component (stanozolol, nandrolone, methandienone, metenolone, etc.) are called “mild” steroids because they are less harmful to the liver and hormonal function. They are often stacked at very specific doses and times to induce a powerful synergy…

Everyone is different

But, it is the work of a chemist at this level! The fact that they are “softer” does not avoid problems. It is necessary to add certain molecules to protect the body from side effects.

Taking the same as others will lead to nothing, in most cases, except taking unnecessary risks.