Things to know before opening a private school in Singapore

Education is crucial for everyone, and if you intend to open a school, then you need to see to understand it is not easy. There are several things you need to consider before opening a private school in Singapore. Moreover, a school will not be successful if there are no students or teachers. Therefore you also need to adopt certain marketing tactics that will help the school be up and running. It is a good objective to open a school and provide education to children, but there are certain things you need to ask yourself before you finalize on opening a private school in Singapore:

  • What will be the curriculum of the school? – This is a good question to ask yourself before you decide to open a school. The curriculum board of the school determines the type of education your students will be getting. IB or international baccalaureate is a sought-after curriculum and is highly esteemed among peers. There are also curriculum boards of the country itself that are usually taught in public schools and is comparatively inexpensive. However, private schools opt for the IB curriculum.

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  •  What type of school do you want to run? – There are various types of private schools you can start, like a day school or a boarding school. You can also consider a neighbourhood school. However, you need to budget accordingly. Boarding schools can be more expensive than the other two types since you will have to plan the housing options for the students and teachers. Either you open a school according to your budget or plan a budget depending on the type of school you want to run.
  • What will be the size of the school? – Before opening a private school in Singapore, you need to think about the enrollment system in the school. If you are only considering having kindergarten classes, then you do need a big building. However, if you are planning on getting enrollment for students from elementary to higher secondary, the size of the institution needs to be bigger. Moreover, you need to think about how many students you would like to have in your school. Consider the number of classes you plan on having and the enrollment of the students before starting the admission process.
  • Do you have any competition? – Another important question to ask yourself is the competition and the market demand in your area for your school. if there are existing schools that have similarities with your academy, then you need to upgrade or ensure better marketing tactics to make sure your school is getting more attention and enrollments, especially as a new establishment. You also need to check for demand for a school in the locality, then take the necessary steps to get students and staff.

These are some questions to ask yourself before opening a school.