What is a Dental Veneer?

There are a lot of scenarios in life that can lead to people having really bad teeth. Perhaps they had a smoking habit that they had a hard time quitting in some way, shape or form, or maybe they consumed a lot of sugary beverages that made their teeth full of cavities at any given point in time. Another thing that can lead to bad looking teeth is poor dental hygiene such as not brushing and flossing your teeth as much as you need to.

Suffice it to say that a lifetime of neglect to your teeth can push them past the point of no return, but that does not automatically mean that you are stuck with how horrible they look for the rest of your life. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that you can get dental veneers that would cover your teeth up so much that no one would notice how rotten they are. These veneers can also be helpful for people that suffered accidents, since suffice it to say that many accidents can break their teeth beyond anyone’s ability to repair.

Another really great thing about veneers of the dental variety that we feel like you should know is that they don’t have to be taken care of quite as much as regular teeth. You still need to brush them once in a while, but neglecting them would not be as harmful as it would if your teeth were real. Go to a dentist today so that you can ask them about what veneer options they have on offer for you and pick out what seems best.